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Enterprise Travel Retail Solutions

Enterprise Travel Retail Solutions

Key Statistics

Duty Free market should double in the next ten years to reach 100 billion US Dollar.

Alcohol, tobacco, perfumes & cosmetics are the top three selling categories in duty-free.

Travel Retail - A Sixth Continent With 1 Billion Consumers.

Travellers contributed an estimated $1159 billion to various local economies.

Duty Free shopping is

increasing everyday world-wide

Duty free & travel retail is a global industry selling goods to international travellers. Sales in duty free shops are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and excise duties, normally with the requirement that the goods are only sold to travellers who will take them out of the country.

  • Duty free shopping gives international travellers the opportunity to save money on a variety of products and international brands.
  • Easy and flexible way to shop while travelling international destinations.
  • Accessible to a wide range of global brands that is not probably available in domestic markets.
  • Easy and flexible way to shop while travelling international destinations.

Solutions We provide for

Online Travel Retail Business

Travel Retail Solutions works on behalf of a number of major suppliers offering a fast and cost effective route into the Travel Retail market
covering airlines, airports, ferry and cruise operators around the world. We strive to provide the Travel Retail industry with innovative
concepts, new ideas and niche industy oriented solutions that increases sales and revenue for the businesses.

Shop Online / On the Go

We device the solutions in such a way that you can easily maintain your web shop with products that helps the customers buy and pre-order online, thus increasing sales revenue for the business.

Inflight Service

Our innovative solution allow seamless operations within the flight for the crew members. Totally integrated Inventory and Trolley Management modules within the solution ensures the passengers have a smooth shopping experience at several thousand feet above the ground.

Integrations with POS & ERP

Our solution is easily and effortlessly intgeratable with ERPs like SAP etc on one side and at the same time with POS systems like LS Retail. All transactions are securely transmitted from one platform to another without the need for any intermediary application.

Hassle Free Collections

Our all round travel retail solutions enhance the ease of duty free shopping for the customers. They can enjoy avoiding the long queues at the airports if they have opted for online pre-ordering facility.

Inflight Solutions

At Sun Dew we have the resources and expertise to maximize your retail operations and ancillary revenue resulting in an enhanced passenger experience. We provide tailor made flexible and innovative solutions specific to your business requirement unlike an "off the shelf" product.

  • Fully integrated turnkey operation resulting in industry-leading on board sales figures
  • Complicated processes like Inventory and Trolley Management made simple and easy for ease of business
  • High level analytics along with logistics, administration and performance management
Connecting technology to the

Travel Retail Industry

Online e-Commerce, Mobile Apps and easy integartions with POS and ERP will help you increase business revenue fatser. Connect with your customers on the go.

Make them Pre-Order! Increase Your Business Revenue.

The Sun Dew Process!

At Sun Dew Solutions, we know every business is unique and it differs from one Duty Free Operator to the other. We take a consulattive and complete tailor-made approach where our Business Analyts analyzes the system and its operations model. Based on the Business Process we develop the System Architecture that best suits the Business enhacing their online presence and giving a steady reveneue growth through online sales.

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Complete Web
Shop Setup

Shopping Cart

Adminstrative Controls
and Access

Mobile Apps across
Android, iOS and Windows

Ability to setup complex
promotions and offers

Payment Gateway Integrations
along with COD

Order tracking and
Logistics Integrations

Management Solutions

Connection with Store &
Warehouse Invetories

Complaint with all Devices PC,
Tablet and Smartphones

Re-invent the Business to inspire Shoppers!

We take customised approach to deliver Enterprise Class Solutions to the Travel Retail Industy and Duty Free Businesses with innovative concepts, ideas & state-of-the-art implementations:

  • Engange customers with interesting deals & offers
  • Introduce loyalty programs
  • Give special offers and discounts for online shopping
  • Have dedicated collection centers for online shoppers at the shop floor
Reach your customers through
available digital platforms and devices
Make Duty Free Shopping Easy!
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